Sunday, May 14, 2006


Little Owl was out on guard duty again this morning, looking like a little sentinal surveying all before him. He actually moved this morning, dropping on to the field for food then back up on to his perch. The only other birds of note were a pair of Whinchat, initially in the Rape Seed field then on the hedgrows, making them a bit easier to see from the garden! GYL 80

Little Owl

Just 10 moths last evening, not surprising seeing as how cold it was:

Hebrew Character - 4
Flame Shoulder - 1
Shuttle shaped Dart* - 1
Tawny Shears* - 1
Muslin Moth - 1
Clouded Drab - 1
Chocolate-tip - 1


Shuttle shaped Dart

Tawny Shears

Will be away for a few days now, so unless the dog sitter has a crash course in Blogger there'll be no posts- hopefully I'll get some pics to put on next time.

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