Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Oh Deer!

I've said it before and no doubt I'll say it again,but it does not matter how much knowledge you have you always need a bit of luck! Dipped in on walking out the back door this morning with the distinct plaintive "tu tu tu" of a Greenshank* , and there he was flying NW over the garden tu tu-ing away GYL 70-nice! Not much from the track this morning, a couple of Wheatear being the highlight. Got home from work and seeing as it was still warm went to the top of the garden to scan the fields, my attention being immediately drawn to a bird of prey coasting then soaring over the track fairly low. Although looking into the sun it didn't look quite right for a Marsh Harrier and my initial thoughts were confirmed as it banked round in better light revealing a broad white rump, a ringtail ( female) Hen Harrier* GYL 71- nicer!
Sometimes I wonder if the title of my blog is a little misleading, as some people may think of 'creepy-crawleys' more of a nusuance than 'wildlife', and that birds are just birds, wild, but not really 'wildlife'. Some people may think of 'wildlife' as just the big animals, the stuff that is easy to see. Well for anyone who may blunder onto this blog and not like insects or can't get excited by birds, these next set of pictures, taken from the well trodden track tonight, are just for you!...........

Red Deer presumably two adults and two of last years youngsters

Don't think stags would be 'tooled up' with antlers this time of year

Nice shot of the young buck

Don't know if anyone could age/sex this group?

Britains largest native 'wildlife'! (land based, before you shout Fin Whale!)

Who needs the Rift Valley when you live in Aylmerton!

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The Bird Woman said...

Stunning! Well done.