Saturday, November 08, 2008


Working Saturday's is one of my least favorite past times and initially today was no exception, after working all week without getting out to do some birding! However as I drove along towards my first days appointment at Stiffkey at last this week I manage to jam in on 3 Waxwing, feeding beside the road between Cley and Blakeney near the Glaven River. There's been loads coming in this week and I was hoping to get one going through in the mornings on pooch patrol. Being a tad early I went down to Stiffkey Greens to park next to the saltmarsh, literally for ten minutes. The marsh was bespeckled with Little Egrets glowing white, along with Brent Geese and Curlew. A flock of birds flying west along the edge of the saltmarsh and fields looked suspciously compact for Starlings and, as they approached, sure enough another 25 Waxwings flew west and onwards.


Brent Goose

Little Egret

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