Monday, November 03, 2008

Red-flanked Bluetail

With a quack's appointment in Sheringham mid morning, and having to wait for the dispensary to deal my goods, the temptation to trosh of up to Muckleborough Hill was to great! In the murky understorey the Red-flanked Bluetail showed well in the poor light conditions (its been like perpetual twilight here past couple of days!) Didn't get no piccies but a couple scrawls attached to give some idea of this Robin- like bird, all the way from Siberia.

Red-flanked Bluetail


Arian van Diermen said...

Hi andy,

I like the way you fill your blog, although I'm not very wellknown with birds.

Arian van Diermen,

dean said...

Nice scribbles there Andy.
This species does`nt hold the mythical status it once did. Still a beauty though.

I dipped the Gib Point bird, some years back.

Andy said...

Thanks for the comments. Its nice to have you here from the Netherlands, Arian. I agree Dean, they used to be THE wish list bird didn't they?! My second in Norfolk.

T and S said...

WOW...that sketch is a work of art...beautiful...Thomas