Sunday, November 23, 2008


West Runton
v.cold, snow S.W 3-4 0730-0900

Keen as mustard this morning and focused on hauling in a large white-winged gull or even a slightly pinkish one! It was certainly the weather for it! It was bloody freezing on the beach this morning, as I watched a succession of Gbbs and Herring Gull coast west along the tideline without so much as a sniff of anything Arctic-esque, the nearest being an argentatus Herring Gull. Other birds of note duck Goosander W, Shelduck 6W, Common Scoter 7W, Song Thrush (1 on beach) and notable 'in off the sea' fodder were single Blackbird, Common Snipe and Woodcock. By 0900 the snow was blizzard like and I couldn't feel me fingers so I thought **** this for a game of soldiers and went home!
A walk up the track this afternoon produced nothing of note, though the local Barn Owl and Kestrel were having a bit of a fall out!!!

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