Sunday, March 30, 2008

They're Coming!

SW Force 3-4 Mild Overcast then bright and sunny 0830-1330

First migration watch of the season from high point on the track (High Point). There was just one bird on the prediction list for the day and bang on cue it drifted through mid morning, I love it when that happens!

Fieldfare 11w
Sand Martin 5w
Grey Heron 3
Cormorant 1w
Common Buzzard 3 (resident)
Marsh Harrier 1w (old male along the ridge)
Red Kite 1e. Drifted high and at distance along the ridge at 1000.
Golden Plover 150
Mediterranean Gull. 2nd c/y flew north over fields towards pig fields north of A148
Peregrine 1 drifted in from the east along ridge before going away south east over the village.

All in all a classic early spring haul, whetting the appetite for more to come (hopefully!)

Common Buzzard (hope the wing damage isn't gun shot Mr Gamekeeper)


Red Kite at a trillion miles!

Peregrine...not much closer!

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