Sunday, March 02, 2008

Felbrigg Lake

The track yielded nothing this morning other than a distant Common Buzzard. Took a walk over to Felbrigg from home this morning, connecting with 3 Bullfinch and a Barn Owl on the way over. At the lake a second Barn Owl flew over, and on the water were Tufted Duck 11, Mallard 8, Mandarin 4, Pochard 2 and Teal 2. An added bonus, in the form of a Kingfisher flew up from the stream and rested on the far side of the Lake. Saw the first bees of the spring feeding on the gorse, don't know what type, hopefully Dean will enlighten us!

Felbrigg Lake


Fly sp.



kk said...

You live in a miraculous, beautiful place and you document it with grace.

Dean ( mostlymacro ) said...

So the identity of the Bee rests on my shoulders, then Andy.
Pretty sure it`s a Solitary Bee, can`t pin it down to one species as there are several that are alike.

Some cracking pics lately. Do you have a new camera ? Not that i`m dissing your others.

Andy said...

Thanks for the kind words KK, glad you enjoy veiwing it. Cheers for the ID Dean, I knew mostlymacro wouldn't let me down!