Tuesday, March 18, 2008

World Wide Web.

It was grottsville here over the weekend-cold, breezy rainy and very grey- all the conditions I hate! Walking the dog on a soggy Sunday morning, we ended up in Felbrigg where it was very quiet, so much so that a Muntjac was caught unawares out in the open before bounding off with a flappy buff undertail. Managed to finish my Australia trip report (at last!) which included some more pics. I very occasionally get asked if my photos can be used for some web site or to be posted somewhere, but my farthest flung yet came from Washington State, US where I was asked if I would allow use of a dragonfly photo I took in Arizona to be used on a wildlife interpretation board. I was sent a copy of the finished article which apparently credits me for the photo -cool!

pic 2nd from left, Common Green Darner


Dean ( mostlymacro ) said...

Well done mate.It`s a great feeling is`nt it Andy.

I had one of my Peppered Moth images printed in an American school biology book.

Andy said...

Cheers Dean, it certainly makes you think you're doing something right doesn't it!

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