Thursday, December 27, 2007

Felbrigg Lake

Took a trip around the lake this afternoon as the sky brightened very slightly. Much reduced wildfowl numbers with just a pair of Gadwall, 3 Tufted Duck and the usual Mallards noted. This maybe linked with the amount of disturbance this place gets over the Christmas period, rather than some migrant/weather link. The pair of Mute Swan are still present with a particularly aggressive cob. During the summer I watched this bird drive a Canada Goose deep into the reedbed here, following it all the way. The racket the goose was making followed by an erie silence, I was sure it had been killed, but it skulked out about half hour after the swan! Today it was the Grey-lags turn, although curiously he had a distain resentment for individuals rather than the birds in general, males maybe?

"Oi! get orf my land"

The Water Rail is (are) still screaming from the undergrowth but this time I was right next to one of them. Too dark for pics but some video footage was an improvement on the last one postede of this species!
The pair of Stonechat are still in attendance, no doubt waiting to skit of New Years Eve!

Water Rail

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