Sunday, October 21, 2007

Wild Geese on a Sunday

No, not a boring afternoon in front of the telly (cue Roger Moore curious eyebrow lifting manover!) but the sight of c120 Pink-footed Geese first thing this morning. Not normally a sighting that affords more than a cursory mention but what was special about these ones were that they were actually on the deck, just over the field from our back garden! They fed and rested in the stubble field until 1420 (I checked them over and again for a Bean Goose but no luck) when they decided to move off en mass eastwards with a cresendo of gaggling and honking filling the garden, it was great!

Pinkies chilling before scarpering

A walk up the track mid-morning produced 38 Golden Plover, 2 Kestrel, 1 Siskin west, several Fieldfare and Redwing back and forth and, for the second weekend on the trot, the adult Little Gull was still present showing well in flight and distantly on the deck.

Little Gull still present

Later on from the garden a Sparrowhawk teased somewhat by keeping its distance circling over the west fields and a Common Buzzard which looked suspiciously like our pale bird from the spring flew from the Ridge westwards. A Tawny Owl was noted near the boundary at Aylmerton Field Study centre early evening.


Common Buzzard

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