Saturday, October 06, 2007

Sheringham Bird Observatory

Keen as mustard, the coastal patch at Sheringham was well and truely flogged by observers with the presence of a dedicated ringer in the wood. The return was fairly limited, but there's usually something to brighten the day, and today was no exception. After checking out an interesting looking Dunnock (yep even Dunnocks can be interesting!) The cream of the crop today were three Yellow-browed Warblers in the wood (one of which was trapped during the week) These tiny birds breed in the Siberian taiga and spend the winter in South-east Asia but they occur regularly in varying numbers during September and October, usually associated with on -shore winds. The two new birds were as different from each other as much as being different from another species, but they were both still Yellow-broweds!

Yellow-browed Warblers

After lunch and a walk through Aylmerton (very little doing here at the moment!) I took a ride down to Kelling were two Barred Warblers showed at close quarters though rather briefly, I did manage to get a shot but it literally was just of an eye so I don't think its worth waisting the hard drive space! Also here a couple of Migrant Hawkers were enjoying the mild, calm conditions (which are set to continue)

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