Saturday, October 27, 2007

Parish Tick

Ran the moth trap all night last night. Nothing out of the ordinary, but a nice selection of late autumn moths that are always nice to see.
Merville du Jour 3
Rosy Rustic 1
Yellow-lined Quaker 1
Blair's Shoulder-knot 3
Grey Shoulder-knot 1
Mallow 1
November Moth 2
Sallow 1

Blair's Shoulder-knot


November Moth


Merville du Jour

Yellow-lined Quaker

During the day whilst working in the garden several groups of Pinkies flew west, along with a trickle of Fieldfares, Blackbirds and 2 Redpoll sp. Late afternoon decided to have a look over Felbrigg, hoping for the likes of Great-crested Grebe for the Parish list (G-C Grebe has n't been seen over here for a number of years) No grebe, but a major surprise were a pair of, presumably first year, SCAUP! The male was fairly distinct but the female did warrant a closer look as I couldn't see a great deal of black around the tip of the bill (Lesser Scaup ish!) but the size of the bird and rather rounded head with no sign of any peak lead me to believe it was a Common Scaup, as apposed to its rarer North American cousin. All the same an excellent record and another boost for local patch birding. Also present a drake Mandrin.

Scaup, male

male with female sleeping to the left

male showing distinctly white primaries (grey in Lesser sp.)

female, size and head shape as male.

PYL Scaup 110

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