Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sunny Sunday

Due to the wonders of modern technology (specifically wireless broadband!) I have discovered that on a sunny sunday I can both sit at then bottom of the garden watching for visable migration AND write up the blog as I'm doing it! Real time bird-blogging! So far this morning (after a rare and non-refusable cooked breakfast!) we have had single Marsh Harrier east, 5 Common Buzzard 'kettling' together with a Sparrowhawk beyond Rounce's Covert, and best of all, a look up from mowing the lawn with birds in panic on a broad front, I picked up a tasty looking Peregrine Falcon drifting east and away towards Felbrigg, nice!

This afternoon things were pretty quiet, didn't manage to connect with any Red Kite that seemed to be all over the North Norfolk coast today. Saw another 3 Common Buzzard but fairly certain that they were from the group earlier and a flock of 16 Fieldfare moved west . Spent alot of the afternoon trying to photograph the Hairy-footed Flower-Bee that is out at this time of year and is a darned quick mover to boot!

Anthophora plumipes on Lungwort, this ones a male

A few other pics from the garden today

Helleborus sp.


A bank of Lesser Celedine opposite the village pond

Lesser Celendine



Pied Wagtail
PYL 71 GYL46 Peregrine Falcon

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