Friday, March 16, 2007

Norfolk Tick

No pics today but I did get a new bird for my county list which was long over due. Between appointments I passed one of the North Norfolk heaths, where after not a lot of searching I got good but brief views of at least two Dartford Warbler's, including a male in song flight. Also heard the distant mellow song of a Woodlark but didn't really have the time to pin it down. The addition of Dartford Warbler fills at least one of the glaring gaps in my county list (which I don't how many it is, but I do know what birds I've seen here!) with others being Black-necked Grebe (no excuse, just too idle to travel to see one!) Savi's Warbler (once fairly regular now getting very rare) and Cory's Shearwater (bit of a bogey bird, usually miss them by hours or minutes!)

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