Monday, March 12, 2007

Out and About

Had the moth trap on last night 'til 11 o'clock with 1 March Moth, 1 Chestnut and 1 Small Quaker MYL 8
Through work I travel daily all over Norfolk and sometimes beyond, and with today being a beautiful spring day I decided that I should start to carry my digiscoping gear with me on a regular basis. First thing found me down at Caister-on-Sea so with a few minutes to spare I headed down to the beach carpark where bang on cue a fine Mediterranean Gull could be seen on the local roof tops.
Mediterranean Gull
...and for those who may think this looks like 'just another Black-headed Gull', which one's the more handsome?!
By mid morning I had an hour to kill so I took a walk along the boardwalk at Filby Broad, where there were at least 3 Chiffchaff singing but birds on the water were fairly distant and sparse.
Great-crested Grebe
For the birders, the above Cormorant maybe passed off as of the race sinensis, and I have often heard people call them as such in flight as well as at rest, but it is now widely recognised that the white flecking around the head is not a reliable criteria for ID, with the angle of the gular patch (the yellow bit) generally being the best feature. This bird shows a fairly sharp angle so therefore is very most likely to be of the race carbo, with that of sinensis being much less so.
Butterflies were also out enjoying the almost balmy (16 degrees!) temperatures.


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