Saturday, January 21, 2006


Usual mix of birds today with the fields still holding Golden Plover (150), Lapwing (50) and Woodpigeon (1500). Spent most of the day tidying the garden and found another pupae so its now in with the Angle Shades. This latest one had an untidy silk cocoon and is slightly smaller and duller than AS, so it will be interesting to see what emerges.
The Aylmerton parish boundary runs down the centre of nearby Felbrigg Park lake which I visited today. It was fairly quiet with nothing outstanding:
Gray lag Goose 70
Bar headed Goose 1
Pink footed Goose1
Egyptian Goose 4
Tufted Duck 4
Dabchick 1
Mallard 40
Coot 6
Also watched a Stoat here running around a holly bush for no apparent reason, but was too fast to catch a shot

Felbrigg Lake

There were a couple of anglers here and one landed a this huge 17lb Pike whilst I was there so I think the local wildfowl should watch their feet! I was impressed with how swiftly they recorded the fish and released back to the lake looking no worse for its experiance.

" Vot is your name?!!"

Back in Aylmerton I checked the village pond, the bulrushes seem to be coming on and the Moorhen appear to be gathering nesting material already! Also got a shot of this fungi, Coriolus versicolor or Many zoned Polypore on an old stump next to the pond. Thanks to Dean Stables for the ID (and not for the first time!). Dean's blog @ www.mostlymacro.blogspot was the inspiration for mine, and it is certainly well worth a visit.

Many zoned Polypore

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