Saturday, January 14, 2006

The Village Pond

The village pond has had somewhat of a transformation since we first arrived in 1999. It is essentially a 'pit' which collects run off from the road but is also fed by a small spring. When we moved here it was becoming overgrown with sallow (great for moths I should think) and had more vegetation than water. It has been dredged deeper in recent years and has had all the sallow removed, and although looks tidier, I think there is less wildlife attracted to it. Saying that though it does look bare this time of year and there has been a few clumps of bulrush introduced so hopefully these should create attractive areas for dragonflies later in the year.

Subsequently we often get Moorhens in the garden, and in previous winters have had up to 25 on the meadows

Moorhen, a first winter bird (born last spring) with a Blackbird

Moorhen (adult)

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