Tuesday, February 10, 2009

was it or wasn't it?!

I was stopped dead in my tracks yesterday as I walked up a customers path at the western end of Holman Road Road in Aylsham - hearing a dry, rolling trill immediately lit up the name Serin in my brain! Unfortunately my customer had already spied me as I arrived, so I had to dutifully go through the motions of work before, half an hour later, I could grab my bins from the car and scan the row large trees next to the road where I heard the call. Nothing there except a small group of fat green peanut-buzzards (Greenfinches!) though there were a few birds flitting about in the area, including more finches (Green and Chaff) I left, convincing myself I'ld miss heard a Greenfinch-it niggled for the rest of the day!

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