Thursday, February 12, 2009

Norfolk Tick

An appointment at West Beckham late afternoon fortuitously ensured that I could go from my office in Aylsham via Barningham Hall. Not usually a big deal, apart from this time there's been a Cattle Egret over the past couple of days here feeding behind a plough. As I pulled up with a couple of other cars a scanned the back of the field and immediately saw the bird flying towards us, scrambling for my unprepared camera, the bird flew virtually over or heads and plonked itself on the roadside verge! The greyness of the afternoon was crap for pics, but a couple of shots for posterity were snatched before the bird flew to the opposite side of the field. This was a first in Norfolk for me, having had a couple of half-hearted attempts previously, and looking back, only the second in the UK, the first being at Pagham Harbour (I think) in 1985!!!

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