Friday, October 03, 2008

MALTA...don't do it

For anyone thinking of taking a nice holiday or vacation to Malta, watch this video and think again. What gives these ****s the right to blast these birds out of the the sky?!! I don't remember a special mandate to let them slaughter the EU's birds when they joined. I will never visit or encourage anyone to visit Malta while this continues unchecked by local authorities.

(the advert previous is only 12 seconds long)

For a very sweary debate, and link to where I swiped the video from click here


Fabian said...

I am Maltese and against hunting BUT, who gave you the right to place all Maltese in the same boat ? What are your views about Fox Hunting ? Is this ok for you ? Will it be right if I encourage other citizens not to visit Britain because the son of the current Monarch enjoys this "sport".

Please keep up your fight against hunting BUT do not damage other countries' economy & reputation !!

Ray Woods said...

I don't think your absence will achieve very much.

The hunters are vociferous and ruthless minority on the island.

They couldn't care less about brits and other outsiders, who they deride as colonialists - and they point to the shooting of game birds in the UK.

The work by independent observers recently in conjunction with the EU is probably a more effective strategy.

Have you written to the Malta Times on this matter?


Ray Woods

Andy said...

Hi Fabian glad to have you here. Firstly I was not alluding to all Maltese, and did not write it in a way that suggested such. My comments were moreover aimed (excuse the pun)at the ones who continue to slaughter the migrant birds that pass over the country and into Europe, potentially enroute to my country. Secondly, this will obviously be news to you, but Fox Hunting has been outlawed in England and has been for a year or so now, so your reference to the monarchy taking part in such is completely untrue (althoughy I'm sure they miss it!)And thirdly, I'm afraid your countries reputation has been damaged for quite some time over this issue and is well publicised by many conservation bodies both in this country and others. I am under no illusion that my rantings will have no effect to bring this awful slaughter to an end, and my own personal view is that the Maltese minority (which everyone claims it to be) will not heed the call to stop until the Maltese majority seriously wish to see an end to it. And that my friend, is something I cannot do, but you can, so lobby your mp's and make a difference. Thanks for taking the time to read and reply.

Alan said...

Well said Mark

I'm also in favour of a ban on tourism to Malta and an ejection from the EU as long as these hideous acts continue.

Ipin said...

There is no point in a handful of british greenies crying for calls to boycott Malta when your average package tour plebs couldn't give shit about honey buzzards - what you should be doing is going to Malta, get involved with the Raptor Camp or go biriding and report any illegal activity and tell the press about your experience when you return.