Saturday, August 30, 2008

Parish Tick (I think!)

I was hoping to get out for a good birding session today, but remembered that a delivery of wood was coming for the stove so I decided to have a garden watch. Started off pretty well with a Grey Heron high going west, followed by a Whimbrel circling overhead then off west. A group of 22 Cormorant high over the fields west was a fine sight, and the most in one day, let alone one flock! I was hoping (as I do year after year from May through to September!) to maybe get a fly over Honey Buzzard, as they seem to be seen frequently all over Norfolk during migration periods, but despite scrutiny of all the Buzzards I see, I can only manage Commons! Maybe I suffer HB Blindness eh?! Anyway 'broadwings' were non existent, with the seasons first Peregrine off west and a Hobby whipping down the street. Early afternoon I took a stroll over to Felbrigg Lake and shortly after getting to the N.E corner a wader came in high over the lake heading east, it took a second or two for the penny to drop but I realised that it was a RUFF. I think I saw one when we first moved here ten years ago but can't find a record of it, so we'll treat this one as a first! In the garden Maddy dog discovered a family of baby Bank Voles providing some major aaahhh material!

all together now......aaaahhh

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