Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Bob the Builder, **** off!

We have just received the somewhat disturbing news that North Norfolk District Council have put forward a proposal to build affordable homes on the set aside land directly behind the village pond, adjacent to our house. When this land (it was still part of the main field when we moved in) was sectioned off with hedging we all feared that the ultimate goal was to turn this area into building land, but over time assurances came that because it was outside of the village building boundary (and through searches made by ourselves prior to purchasing) planning permission would not be granted. Things change. Things have changed. So we now wait at the mercy of the Parish council and its residence to decide if this little piece of wild space, that is actually in the village, is of any worth to them against a housing project that potentially could expand to bigger things. We'll wait and see. "Thats all I gotta say about thayt"

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