Wednesday, January 02, 2008

...and they're off!

With the wife out on a well deserved day of retail therapy, after spending most of Christmas cooking and working, I had the opportunity to bird for a few hours, and I'm glad I stayed local and opted for Felbrigg Park. After already seeing Barn Owl and Bullfinch enroute to the lake, I was a little disappointed not to find any geese on or around the lake - typical - the Barney's looked to have gone! Scanning the boggy field south of the lake there was no sign of them there either, just a white plastic bag I didn't notice previously... hang on, thats not a bag... thats an egret! With my prediction fresh in my mind I briefly dared to hope but it was soon apparent that it was a Little Egret. It soon worked down the field and into the ditch, then 15 minutes later whilst I was around the other side of the lake it flew off west, over my head and no doubt over my house! Nevertheless, a good bird to get on only the second day of the year. The rest of my time here was notable more for absentees rather than birds present! Not a single Mandarin, Pochard or Water Rail, no Long -tailed Tits or Marsh tits.
Little Egret (honest!)

After lunch I took a walk west of the village, along the track to check some cover crops in thenow strengthening winds. More year ticks ensued, including at least 14 Brambling with c75 Chaffinch, and the welcome sight of three Grey Partridge flying into the Rape fields.

A great start to the year, and a link on the left side will remain throughout to keep tabs on that annual list.

Kestrel at Felbrigg


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