Saturday, November 17, 2007


Made an extended afternoon visit to Felbrigg Lake today, mainly to see if there was anything of note going to roost in the small reed bed here. I stayed on until 1600hrs, when it was getting pretty dark and chilly, and for my efforts I amassed a grand total of 8 Reed Buntings! Not a total waist of time though because the pair of Stonechat from a couple of weeks ago were relocated north of the lake and within the Parish boundary! Also here just before dusk the Mandarin flock revealed itself in its entirety by swimming out to the middle, seven males and three females.

Mandrin 10
Mallard 40
Dabchick 2
Coot 2
Tufted Duck 5
Mute Swan 2
Grey Heron 3
Water Rail 1-2 calling
Siskin 8
Stonechat pr
Reed Bunting 8

Grey Heron


Little clip in the fading light

PYL 112 Stonechat


Boulmer Birder said...

Good blog Andy, I've just found it! I'll keep dropping by. I often visit Norfolk for odd weeks here and there so I like to keep up to date with your records...

Andy said...

Your blog is interesting too, especially noting the contrast in bird records at either end of the English North Sea, keep up the good work!