Saturday, November 10, 2007

Sheringham Promenade

0730-1015 WNW 4 overcast, dull, sea choppy

Well, after the passing of this weeks tidal surge, and with it the associated flood danger, I was once again down the prom at Sheringham (minus all the beach huts and several yards of barriers!) where a couple of hours were enjoyed watching the birds heaving through!

Little Auk 41w 9e
Great Northern Diver 1e
Goldeneye 26w
Red-throated Diver 5w
Brent 20w
Wigeon 9w
Mallard 15w
Dunlin 7w
Teal 49w
Shelduck 14w
Guillimot 1w
Razorbill 1w
Black-throated Diver 1w
Red-breasted Merganser 1w
Common Scoter 9w
Purple Sandpiper 1w +present
Knot 1w
Curlew 1w

Little Auks.... no bigger than a Starling, these tiny alcids spend their lives far out in the upper regions of the North Sea near the Arctic Circle. Occationally they become storm driven, when the local large gulls tend to treat them like Chicken nuggets on wings!!

Goldeneye, males

Shelduck, adult and first year bird

Guess the in-flight Diver...discuss!

...going away-tell tell signs!

On the way home from sea-watching I thought I'ld nip into Felbrigg to see if the Lake held any storm driven goodies-huh! no such luck, but I did jam in on another Kingfisher, by the stream on the wrong side off the parish boundary but then flew over the lake to the right side, year tick!


PYL Kingfisher 111

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