Sunday, August 05, 2007

White Admiral

Whilst the fete was on fellow village wildlife enthusiast Trevor Williams knocked on my door to report that he had seen several White Admirals in the Parish, along the Ridge (Trevor had already done me a favour by inadvertantly flushing a Green Sandpiper over my garden for a year tick- Cheers Trevor!) Armed with his directions I found the spot and eventually saw about five of these woodland butterflies, another new species for me in the parish! I couldn't locate the Frittilery sp. that was also seen here but did see plenty of Large White, Small Heath and Speckled Wood.

White Admiral

PYL 106 Green Sandpiper

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Eric said...

Hi Andy,

I live in Beechwood Avenue, off Sandy Lane and have looked at your blog on several occasions and find it very interesting.

You, or someone who is interested in butterflies, might like to hear that I have had a Camberwell Beauty visiting our garden for the last three days. Only this morning did I manage to take a few decent photographs of it. If you can let me know how, I will send them to you.

Keep up the good work.