Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Lep twitch

Work took me to the North Norfolk coast first thing this morning, then I had to head down to Gooderstone on the outskirts of the Brecks. With some cunning map work I could ensure that I passed Narborough Railway Line Nature Reserve around lunch time, how convenient! My main reason for wanting to come here was to see Grizzled and Dingy Skipper butterflies which are found along the flower rich grass banks. I drew a blank today but the area, as well as being alive with insects and all the commoner species of butterfly, did provide me with a new one in the form of a very tatty approachable White-letter Hairstreak- a total surprise!
White-letter Hairstreak..or whats left of it! (this is its good side!)
Small Skipper

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DC said...

I sometimes wonder how they fly with parts of their wings gone.
I love your photos!