Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Black Kite revisited

My first appointment of the day today happened to take me past where the Black Kite, seen at the weekend, has decided to temporaraly settle near Burnham Deepdale. As I got out of the car it started to spit with rain, so the kite was sitting fairly tight in an old crows nest! I had some time to study the bird from closer quarters than on Sunday before having to get to work so as I packed up and got to the car the bird flew from its roosting area and flew no more than 30 ft away from me overhead, stunning veiws! The only slightly worrying point being that some of the tips of the remiges and retrices (wings and tail!) looked to be a bit tatty and damaged... (due to being cooped up in an aviary maybe ??!!!) Although the iris colour would suggest that the bird is not a full adult so maybe its retaining older feathers?

Black Kite Burnham Deepdale

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