Saturday, February 24, 2007

New Media

A grey, damp day here in North Norfolk. A walk up the slippery slidey Track this morning produced nothing out of the ordinary, though I estimate there must be at least 3000 Woodpigeons in the area which is quite usual at this time of the year. I took a brief trip along to Kelling at lunch time to see a reported Waxwing here but no luck. After a bit of messing about and asking around, I have managed to work out how to download video to the blog (albeit via YouTube) so this may prove to add a little more dimension and interest (not to mention getting rid of ropey flight shots ect.) so we will see how it goes

Feeding Pheasents

I have added video to last years posts for the Little Egret and Auk on Nov 4th, Black-eared Kite Nov 14th and the Common Cranes over Aylmerton on April 30th

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