Saturday, November 18, 2006


A cold but bright day with a keen SW wind ensured that nothing too exciting happened today. The track is currently in a quagmire condition due to farm machinery use as the sugar beet is finally starting to be lifted, although a nusiance now, come spring time the bare ground may well pull a few birds in. There's still a staggering amount of 'fruit' on the trees, with both Hawthorn and Blackthorn bowing under the weight of berries, by now usually the thrushes would have stripped them clean- where are they this year? The gull flock on the field behind our house has been a constant feature over the pass few weeks, I checked no less than five times today, hoping for a Mediterranean Gull but with no luck, though a 'black' headed Gull noted to be coming IN to summer plumage rather than moulting out of it! Also on the field up to 300 Golden Plover and 18 Stock Dove.

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