Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Parish Tick

Ever faithfully walked the track this morning, with the strong NNW wind whiping cross the fields and a heavy grey sky pressing down, I half expected a Little Auk to come flapping over the field. Well I wasn't too far off the money because two minutes latter a murderous looking BONXIE! powered its way against the wind heading north and back to the sea presumably. Flying over the fields, it passed low directly overhead and struggled onward, scattering all bird life in its path. These birds whose common name is Great Skua are ruthless predators and pirates of the seabird world, capable of picking Puffins and Kittiwakes of their breeding cliffs or harrassing Gannets over the sea to make them throw up their latest catch! Charmers! A little later 2 Common Buzzard drifted south and may have been immigrants

Bonxie over Aylmerton interpretation-ish thing!

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