Saturday, October 28, 2006

Still here!

What with a somewhat damp weekend last week and a tense period mid week as we took a second (and this time successful) attempt at connecting to broadband (hooray!) there had been little to report with little wildlife seen. In Aylmerton, Saturday night provided the most recent moth session, with these November Moth types still causing a bit of a headache as regards to identification- they could all be different or all be the same!

November-ish Moths!

All but the Sugar Beet has been harvested from the fields, and the depressing sight of a sea of Winter Barley already shoots skyward, ok for the very short term but generally lifeless come spring. All's not completely lost yet, only half of the old potato field is Winter Barley so far, and the beet field may be the saving grace.

Winter Barley= Wildlife desert

In the short term the fields are being used by the usual gulls(a few in the pic above) some Lapwing and about 180 rather skittish Golden Plover.

Golden Plover coming in to land

The last two mornings have seen me down at my coastal patch near Sheringham, and despite the constant SW wind the birding has improved at last. No pics, but yesterday moring the highlights of a busy period included a smart, schreeping Richard's Pipit, single Shore Lark flying west, Lapland Bunting, Merlin, Marsh Harrier and a chacking Ring Ouzel. This morning the sea was very lively here with literally hundreds of Little Gulls offshore(probably over a thousand!), presumably the same Black Guillimot flew east, and shortly afterwards two seperate Little Auks whizzed east among many Razorbills, all in all a good couple of days!

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