Sunday, October 15, 2006

Maths- Never was any good at 'em!

Having re-counted the Macro Moth Garden year list three times I have now sorted out the true figure - a credible 216 ! I think I lost it somewhere around July when day figures and GYL may have gotten switched! So that handful I was hoping for were technically already in the bag! There's still a couple more to emerge before the years out so fingers crossed.

Finally felt the chill breeze of an easterly on the face today, although the constant greyness of the day was somewhat replicated by the birding down on the coastal patch this morning, apart from the obvious highlight being a clockwork Black Guillimot, winding its way eastwards just offshore first thing before 'pitching in' in the distance. Summer migrants left only in the form of Sandwich and Common Terns plus a single Wheatear at Salthouse.

Ran the trap all night last night, with a mild 12 degees and complete overcast I thought it was worth a go, and so it proved : Mervielle du Jour 2, Large Wainscot 1, Beaded Chestnut 3, Gem* 1, Feathered Thorn 2, Green-brindled Crescent 2, Rosy Rustic 4, November Moth* 1, Spruce Carpet 1, Red-line Quaker 2, Yellow-line Quaker* 1, Chestnut 1 GYL 219 ...definately!

Gem...sparkly name, dull looking moth! This is another immigrant that is by no means common.

November Moth... one of a small group of moths which are really tricky to ID

Feathered Thorn

Yellow-line Quaker...I think!


Mostlymacro said...

Yellow-line Quaker it is Andy.


Andy said...

Cheers Dean, I thought it was