Wednesday, September 23, 2009

In Loving Memory....

Thats it then, this web site is dead, it is deceased, it is no more!After 10 years of residence and nearly four years(!) of blogging WildlifeAylmerton comes to a close. Synomonous with dodgey bird photography and probably even dodgier spelling, I'ld like to thank those of you who took time to have a look occationally, and a bigger thanks to those who visited regularly and even got in touch. I hope for the ley-men out there, the contents of this blog sparked even a little interest in the wonders of nature, and the fact that you don't have to travel thousands of miles to see wonderful things. For the birders, I hope, apart from the odd stringy report (bloody Hen Harriers in July...ridiculous!) that my reports were reliable and gave a good account of real birding. I do leave with some great memories from this little parish, suffice to say that Aylmerton wasn't well known as a birding site prior to our arrival but, the next time there is a Honey Buzzard influx, I know where I'll be the following morning! However, all is not lost for those looking for a cure to insomnia because a new house means a new web site! So my grainy pics and 3 day late reports will still enter d'tiniternet!

Follow if you dare (or can be bothered)......


Anonymous said...

Best wishes in your new home.
Thanks for your blog, I have found the photos first class and your comments informative.
Hope to follow you in your new blog.
Thanks again,

James said...

Hi Andy.

Just thought I'd say thanks for doing the blog, it was one of the first wildlife blogs I read, and part of the inspiration to start my own! I look forward to the new one.

Best wishes,