Wednesday, September 24, 2008

'Siberian' Stonechat

My last appointment today took me into the next village to us, West Runton. With the days work done and a few minutes before having to rendezvous for a hospital appointment, I took a look in at the rough ground next to the coast road. After watching the local Med Gull I saw a couple of Goldcrest come flitting across the fields and decided to look over the top bank onto the enclosed private area. Immediately, a Stonechat flitted up, pale, peachy washed with a broad pale rump joining the underparts! I instantly shouted 'Siberian Stonechat' to absolutely no one present! I was just going 'in' when I was unceremoniously 'thrown off' this private land.

Siberian Stonechat

showing blackish underwing coverts

wrap around unstreaked rump enhancing black tail

overall warm gingery tones to plumage


Tim said...

Hi Andy

well done, top find - I guess farmers aren't really into Sibechats!

a nice bird... suggested this to my fellow patcher as a possible today...

hopefully we'll get one or something similarly good on our patch, been a while since the last Sibechat in the east.

Andy said...

Cheers Tim, must admit I was well chuffed! I love finding my own stuff, it just doesn't happen that often!