Tuesday, September 11, 2007

10 pence short...!

It knows! It Bloody well knows!... The weather, that is! It knows to have a really good on shore hooley during the working week rather than at the weekend! I personally have missed out on untold number of good sea watches due to this phenomenon and cannot honestly remember the last time a classic occurred at a weekend! Yesterday (Monday) at least two, or fourteen (depending on sources!) Great Shearwaters were seen off the coast at Sheringham (these are very rare seabirds in Norfolk with very few sightings). So this morning I squeezed in an hours pre work sea watch from my nearest coastal site, West Runton. Relatively speaking it was very disappointing (mostly because during the same period 2 Great Shears and 2 Sabines Gulls were seen off Sheringham, none of which I saw at Runton!) with the highlights being a fine juvenile Long-tailed Skua going east looking all cold and grey shortly after a veritably glowing juv Arctic Skua, a Puffin east and lots of commoner species such as Gannets, Kittiwakes and Little Gulls.

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