Sunday, December 10, 2006

First Frost

Awoke to the first frost of the winter here this morning, which is not bad considering its nearly mid December. It was a toe tingling -2 degrees... I don't like it! (in a Little Britain's Andy stylie!)

I had to drop the young un' off at High School for panto practice this morning so I decided to continue onto Salthouse for an hour or two to see if anything was going to oblige for a shot or two.
Initially nothing was doing but a brief look out to sea seemed to indicate that there was some cold weather movement occurring with a couple of Lapwing flocks west at sea, a fine Merlin at about half distance and 2 Fieldfare and a Redwing coming in. Also here a pair of Grey Seal cavorting just offshore
Walking back, jammed in on a flock of Shorelark that have been ranging between here and Blakeney Point. I managed to get a few disappointing shots before they spooked and flew of west.

The type of shot many digiscoper's would like to aspire to...!(bloody typical!)

Just as the Shorelarks flew off, a flock of 18 Snow Buntings flew in and landed on the shingle bank briefly but not long enough for me to get in pics, though Rob Lee, a fellow coastal patch birder, faired better earlier on.

Snowbies courtesy of Rob Lee

Just as we were leaving couldn't resist the three Turnstone that were bathing in the carpark puddles, these birds are excellent subjects for anyone just starting digiscoping, due to their comparative tameness and their thankfully regular pauses in rapid movement.


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